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Doing for Education

Doing for Education – Training Course for Work with Children and Youth in Afterschool Activities


The project „Training Course for Work with Children and Youth in Afterschool Activities“ was a pro-Roma project with the aim of securing raised availability of work opportunities for Roma, who are unemployed and registered in the labor office due to lack of sufficient education. The main activities of this project were an accredited training course and personal assistance, which contributed to raising the attractiveness of the newly trained Roma for the labor market. The project took place in 4 locations with a high number of unemployed Roma and with the cooperation of the Labor Office in Šumperk and NGOs in Pardubice, Chomutov and Prague.


The project was financed from the program Phare 2003 - NROS, UNHCR and Step by Step ČR, o.s.


Time scale of the project: 1.2. 2004 – 31.7. 2005


Project Goal:

Improve the preparedness of 40 – 60 Roma for the work process


improve the availability of employment for 40 – 60 Roma


better connection of 40 – 60 Roma to the Roma community and the majority society


creating an accedited training course – aimed at gaining training for Roma and non-Roma


Reasons for the outlined goals:


- The rate of registered unemployment in the Czech Republic on 31.7. 2003 was 9,9% according to Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (see A great part of the unemployed are people with basic education, who aren’t qualified in any kind of profession and therefore have low  prospects for finding long-term employment, which would bring a feeling of self-realisation and satisfaction.

- In the non-profit organizations, with which Step by Step Czech Republic o.s. cooperates in long-term, there was a need for new employees, who would be trained for work with Roma children and adolescents. Such (or a similar) training course had not not been offered in the above-mentioned locations.


1. Significance of the project for the targeted groups

- improving Roma employment

- raising Roma national self-esteem

- change of the majority society’s perspective on Roma 

- Roma will be better prepared for the work proces

- Roma’s dependence on state support will be limited


Outline of realized activities:


On February11th the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic accredited the program for the qualification of afterschool educator


In cooperation with the Labor Office in Šumperk, 5 unemployed Roma were trained. The training course took place between 1.11.2004 and 16.12.2004, all 5 participants successfully finished the course, thus becoming the first holders of the certificate of afterschool educator.


14.3. 05 the training course begins in Pardubice and ends on 27.5. 05 with 18 successful participants


6.4. 05 the training course begins in Prague and ends on 23.6. 05 with 18 successful participants


25.4. 05 the trainig course begins in Chomutov and ends on 8.7. 05 with 13 successful participants


To receive the certificate of Afterschool Educator it was necessary to pass a final exam and have an attendance rate of a minimum of 90 %. The final exams were composed of a theoretical part – test – and a practical part – demonstration of a prepared activity.


A total of 55 people applied to the training course, 54 of whom were successful and received a certificate of afterschool educator.

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