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Project to Support the Development of Roma Non-Profit Organizations

Project History
The Project to Support the Development of Roma Non-Profit Organizations was initiated in June, 2002. During the period of June 2002 – August 2002 a detailed needs analysis of the selected non-profit organizations was carried out, based on which the needs of the organizations were defined and the steps for the development of each one were determined. Since the organizations’ needs were practically identical at this phase, the training activities for the NGO representatives were the same (with the individual approach of the trainers).
From September, 2002, to June, 2003, 8 seminars took place for each NGO for 3-4 representatives from each organization. The participants of the seminars gained knowledge about the non-profit sector and the state administration, EU funds, and the basic differences between the Roma and non-Roma culture. They learned how to communicate inside and outside the organization, present their organization and their work to donors and the media, evaluation techniques; they practiced various model situations. They received detailed instructions on how to write a good project, how to get money for their activities. The trainers explained how to organize work within the organization, how and why to plan, how to create a budget, how to find employees and volunteers and how to work with them. This was accompanied by a wealth of materials, which the participants took with them.
In the year 2003, selected organizations underwent supervision and a procedural audit, financed from the resources of the project.
Throughout the duration of the project, each NGO was regularly mentored. The coordinator of the project visited the NGOs according to their need. The contents of these visits were discussions leading to the implementation of information gained at the seminars into the activity of the

organization, help with solving the organization’s problems, facilitation of meetings, making work within the organization more effective, positive motivation of employees and volunteers, analysis of the community, meetings with representatives of the state administration, etc., as „commissioned“ by the non-profit organization.
In July, 2003, the Open Society Fund Prague announced the second round of applications for other interested non-profit organizations for a program of support which draws from the experiences from the preceding year.

Project Goals
- connecting selected non-governmental non-profit organizations to the development of the community of the given location, especially cooperation with local offices and organizations, creating lasting partnerships between them
- development of these organizations, supporting and helping them build professionalism – financial support of the organization’s community projects
- help with creating strategic planning in each NGO, including mapping various financial resources and their effective utilization

Target Group
The project is intended for 14 non-governmental non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic

Project Content
The Project to Support the Development of Roma Non-Profit Organizations is aimed at creating the right conditions for the integration of the Roma ethnicity and should help in creating a multicultural civic association without prejudices, on a local as well as state-wide level.
The project will run for three years – during the 1st year (stage) the representatives of the selected NGOs will take part in the training program, in the 2nd year the NGOs will create, realize and evaluate a developmental project in the participating NGOs (with the financial support of the Open Society Fund Prague) and in the 3rd year the NGOs will cooperate with specialists to work on a strategic plan for the next years. During the course of the three years the NGO representatives will be in contact with the coordinator of the project, who will mentor, coach and facilitate for the participating NGOs.

Project outputs
Output of the project are professional pro-Roma non-profit organizations that know how to take care of themselves financially and personally.

Support of Roma NGOs is provided according the actual capacity of our organization. Trainers and supervisors that cooperated on this project are involved in other projects where we can derive benefit of their knowledge, skills and experience of this project. SbS Czech Republic has cooperated with some NGOs within following projects. 

SbS Czech Republic keeps in touch with all NGOs and cooperates with them according the needs.


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