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Posláním SbS ČR je přispívat svými aktivitami k demokratizaci, humanizaci a vyšší efektivitě vzdělávání v České republice, k budování otevřené společnosti a jejího zapojení do evropských struktur.

Cíle Step by Step ČR jsou napomáhat vytvoření otevřené společnosti vzdělání, zvyšovat kvalitu učení dětí a vzdělání učitelů rozdílných typů, úrovní škol a komunity, napomáhat vytvoření systému inkluzivního vzdělávání v České republice

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Project Roma EDEM was an international project coordinated by Fundacion General Gitano (Spain). The project combined a local and European approach in all activities, counting with a trans-national association made up of five specialized bodies for the promotion of equal treatment and two NGOs with a proven experience in the fight against discrimination from Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.


Step by Step Czech Republic was one of the two NGOs that implemented the project activities.


Project Partners:

Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) - Spain

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI)

Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Rights of National and Ethnic Minorities - Hungary

National Council for Combating Discrimination (NCCD) - Romania

Roma Centre for Social Interventions and Studies (Romani CRISS) - Romania

The office of the Governmental Council for Roma Community Affairs – Czech Republic

Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Minorias Étnicas (ACIME) - Portugal


Roma EDEM project aimed at reducing the existing gap between anti-discriminatory legislation and institutional practices while including the Roma/Traveler issue in the European political agenda through the following general objectives:

- Promotion of an anti-discrimination approach within public services and fostering of systemic policies improving the access of the Roma/Traveler people to education and employment

- Promotion of capacity building and specific training of stakeholders specially at local level


- To empower the Roma and Traveler associations and incorporate their participation into the decision-making process


- To improve the access of Roma and Traveler associations to all the available information and resources to combat discrimination

- To promote a quality and non-stereotyped information concerning Roma and Traveler reality and culture


- To foster trans-national, inter-institutional and inter-sectorial cooperation among all agents involved in the field of equal treatment

- To increase the involvement and participation of the regional and local administration with key competencies in the implementation of the anti-discrimination policies


For the achievement of these objectives, the project developed training and awareness raising activities mainly in the field of monitoring anti-discrimination legislation and policies at local level in education and employment, as well as the empowerment of the Roma/Traveller associations in all participant countries.


Step by Step Czech Republic provided:

-          seminars and trainings focused on the Roma issues in the field of education and employment

-          materials representing Czech Republic for the Good Practice Handbook

-          Leaflets about what is discrimination, who to contact in a discrimination case...etc.


SbS Czech Republic provides a networking work. Step by Step Czech Republic is contacted by international organizations that would like to get a general overview or particular contacts of organizations focused on Roma issues.


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